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"And if we’re no more than animals, we must snatch each little scrap of happiness, and live, and suffer, and pass, mattering no more than all the other animals do or have done. It is this, or that. All the universe or nothing. Which shall it be, Passworthy? Which shall it be?"
Short clip from my recent performance at Chaz Royal's Sexy Circus Sideshow, featuring my new trapeze show and a short interview. Also featuring Honour Mission, Stella Plumes and Warren Speed.


The show in full, nsfw, pants and pasties and trapezey delightfulness.

Gaijin Geisha premiere

I performed to a packed venue last night at Bush Hall, a beautiful old dance hall in Shepherd's Bush, as part of the London Fetish weekend extravaganza. It seems I was not alone in testing out new material - there was an atmosphere of quiet panic behind the stage, with people desperately stitching ribbons, borrowing forgotten items and making last-second (literally, in my case) alterations.

Sexy Circus SideshowCollapse )
oh, still no phone by the way - if anyone desperately needs to get hold of me try my work number which is...well i can't remember but I'll post it here later.

I'm in a much better mood than yesterday, I totally proved to myself that I can put together a cool routine with interesting touches (I'm particularly proud of the host of butterflies that flutter around my head and follow me around during the show!) and perform it at height in front of a packed house without fucking it up. I totally thought I wouldn't have the confidence nor capability to do so - this is a real accomplishment for me so I'm allowing myself a bit of a slap on the back :)

I'm doing it again tonight so if anyone fancies it let me know - it's a really enjoyable evening with some excellent acts and a fantastic atmosphere.

Pics soon
I must admit to having become strangely addicted to late night pulp TV show Ellery Queen. It's just so awful it's fantastic, I love it. I blame insomnia.

Aug. 21st, 2008

So I've been thinking...

I didn't really do anything for my birthday this year, and now I'm sort of regretting it a bit. I'm sure everyone except new recruits knows the Lydia birthday drill - dress up in your vintage or black tie finest, pack a hamper and join me in Regent's Park for music, champagne and conviviality. And although it's a bit of hassle to organise I do love seeing my pals all dressed up and getting to dust off my lovely clothes and do something a bit different. But do YOU? This is the first year I've not held a formal picnic since the first one in 2005, and summer is swiftly slipping between my fingers. SO! I feel it's time enough for a poll.

Poll #1245715 Chap-esque picnics

How do you feel about dress-up picnics?

I love them. Gives me a chance to dress up and show off.
I like the idea but come the time it's a bit of effort.
I'm not fussed what we wear. I'll dress up if that's the theme of the event.
I like to see my friends dressed up but would rather not myself.
They make me feel uncomfortable, I don't like dressing up and would rather just go in my normal clothes.
other (comment)

Entertainment at picnics.

Bands! With pianos! And accordians! Woo!
Old stylee entertainment, gramophones and croquet.
Nothing - just let people chat and make their own entertainment
Acts, such as fire-shows, dancing, circus etc
Don't mind
Other (comment)

Would you be up for a big formal picnic before what we laughingly call 'Summer' is over?

I thought you'd never ask!
Depends on weather/commitments/yada yada
Picnic yes, but leave out all the bloody tail coats and cream teas
Picnics please me not. Please leave.
So I've had a bit of a rough weekend and was feeling a tad sorry for myself...

And then I scrolled LJ and saw Jake's post about Cyka's pledge drive, and remembered that there are more important things than sitting around feeling sorry for oneself.

Have a read - prepare to be hugely inspired by an amazing woman, and please consider pledging some dough to help her cause.


Donations go towards the race fees, vaccines, basic medicines and transportation to villages throughout Kenya.

Good luck Cyka!


We are looking for someone to work the door from 9 til around 2 at Opium den tomorrow. You'll get frequent breaks and some drinks tokens, and we can offer £40 with a potential bonus if the night goes well.

We're also looking ofr a tea urn to serve up the opium tea in, mainly to save us running about with teapots all evening - can anyone lend us one for the evening?

We've had problems running over before so make sure you arrive promptly if there's a particular act you want to see! The running order for tomorrow is as follows:

Doors at 9pm

10 pm - Sam Astley (our very own slinkymule)
10.30 - 'femme fatale' burlesque performance by Rose Thorne
11 pm - 'Three chord' Craig Temple
11.30 - burlesque performance from amandamaesteele
12 midnight - The Stillhouse Orchestra

Then dancing and carousing til late! Do come down, this may be the very last one...

click for flyerCollapse )
The third Opium Den hosted at the infamous Bardens Boudoir!

Due to the sad passing of Mr Bo Diddley we have a surprise turn from Mr Paul Ronney Angel and Special Guests playing some of his greatest songs.

Also this night as you are all aware we have Mike The London Magician astounding us all with his Mind Reading powers of amazement.

Charlie Khan will be bringing his skiffle sound to the Den's illustrious stage.

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band will be taking us back to when Penny Farthings graced the streets of London.

Luc Owll will be surprising us with his dark and brooding one man show.

Congregation will be gracing the stage too with their amazing and unique sound. Mojo raved about them and it's easy to see why we had to have them play for us too!

And finally the infinitely beautiful Lalla Morte will be charming us with her fabulous burlesque.

DJ's are Duncan DeMorgan (Born Bad, Shore Leave) Darling (B Movie Strength through Joy) and your hostess Amanda Mae Steele.

And this time the tea is on the house!

Three things:

1. Thank you for all your Happy Birthday messages! I had a lovely weekend marred only by excessive consumption of White Russians on Monday night. My phone has had a mild stroke and now all the buttons down the right hand side don't work. So if you've texted me and I've not replied it's probably because my response contained the letters D, E, F, M, N, M, O ,W, X, Y or Z.

2. There is a family of Jays living in the tree outside my bedroom window and it makes me really, really happy.

3. The Zephyrus Dreams showcase will be playing at The Round Chapel in Clapton on the 13th, 15th and 17th of May. I play several different roles within the production including a tangoing tempest, a ghoul trapped between worlds, a viperous crone at a funeral, and my main part as the tragic lady of the sea who saves a sailor from drowning but knows she must eventually give him up. Toby is in the production too (I can't keep up with his roles) as well as a very talented cast of over 20 actors, dancers and puppeteers. We would love to see you there and would really appreciate your support for this fledging theatre company who are trying to do something beautiful on a minimal budget. So if you are going to come PLEASE order your tickets here - http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=xxx&query=schedule&promoter=zephyrus

We need to shift some more pre-sales or I fear the director's head might explode!
EDIT: this too
Add Zephyrus Dreams on Myspace!