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Muttered Obscenities

The last days of prisoner DZ-015

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vivez sans temps mort

that's me in the middle with my Skinphony sisters, first time I got my back-hooks, Beautiful Days festival 2008. Pic by Richard Jell.

I'm a showgirl, writer and general bonne vivante from London. I live in a lovely house with some lovely friends and a lovely boy and a lovely cat called Snark. I write, and I study Philosophy, and I make films, and I perform all over Europe doing trapeze and burlesque stuff. I also perform flesh-art shows with Skinphony and Patient Zero, and am one of the founding members of the travelling circus known as Transmutant. I'm basically a middle-class carny.

I usually use this journal to keep up with close friends but I think I might start posting some writing and show stuff here from now on, so feel free to add me but I probably won't add back unless we know each other. I also have accounts with various other sites where I add freely - Lydia Darling on facebook or Lydia Lashes on myspace.

I also have the world's worst memory. I've been told people think I'm a snotty bitch because I blank people or don't remember the wonderful times we spent together way back when. Honestly, I'm not hoity-toity, I'm just easily distracted. Ooh look, a butterfly.

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